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Celtic Whisky Compagnie, the Breton specialist of Celtic whiskies, is a craftsmen's enterprise located in Côtes d'Armor on the Northern coast of Brittany in France, directly facing the ocean, at the far end of "La Presqu'île Sauvage" (Literally "The Wild Peninsula") surrounded by two ria rivers named "Le Jaudy" and "Le Trieux".

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Through the Celtic Whisky ® range, our vocation is to offer to connoisseurs whiskies of quality and character, which are naturally of Celtic origin. You will discover in particular the range of Double Maturation Single Malt whiskies finished in our own warehouse, in carefully selected casks, from Sauternes in particular : the Celtique Connexion range.

The three Gold Medals and the four Silver Medals which have been awarded to Celtic Whisky Compagnie at the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles in 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006 are a testimony of its commitment to quality.

But if we are before all animated by a passion for this marvellous spirit, we are also from a more general point of view strongly attached to our double Celtic and Breton belonging, which makes us live daily in touch with these universes rich from their traditions and legacy, and in full revival.

This site is naturally prioritarily dedicated to Uisge Beatha, and you will discover in particular the history of whisky and learn the secrets of its making.

But these pages aim also at being an open door towards the Celtic world, and Brittany in particular. We consider for instance that the pleasure of senses brought by a good whisky can be further enhanced by the simultaneous pleasure of hearing, and the resources of the various components of Celtic music are virtually endless.

Brittany is by its very nature a piece of land looking towards the ocean, and living in good part for it and thanks to it. Being ourselves situated in a wild seaside environment which possesses an authentic and affirmed character, we live daily with the sea and feel strongly concerned by everything which is related to it.

Finally, there can be no escape without pictures and we reserve them the place they deserve.

The pages or links which you will find in Celtic Escape are therefore essentially built around four main themes :

- Celtic music
- Photos and graphic arts
- The sea and its universe
- Celtic heritage and legends

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